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webinar registration - easy ways to boost your wedding business in 2019

Free Live webinar with lindsey nickel

5 easy ways to boost your wedding business for 2019 

You’ll learn quick and easy ways to set your wedding business up for success in 2019 and make 10% more money by changing one thing.

 Carly Michelle Photography

Carly Michelle Photography

 Manali Anne Photography

Manali Anne Photography

11:00am PT/ 2:00pm ET

here’s what you’re going to learn

  • Why it’s essential to take time to review your wedding business and make changes for a new year in order to start the new year strong

  • How to freshen up your website to so you make an awesome first impression with couples

  • Quick fixes to make your Instagram feed look cohesive and swoon worthy

  • Why it’s a must do to really get to know your ideal client (and how to do that)

  • How to update your wedding packages so they are easy for couples to understand and book

  • My favorite ways to network without attending mixers and get more referrals

  • Bonus tip of how to make 10% more money by changing one thing

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 Ashley Merritt Photography

Ashley Merritt Photography

Even if you've done nothing to plan for 2019 and feel like you are scrambling just to finish this year, you'll learn five super fast and easy things that will make a big impact on your wedding business.