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TEST course: Wedding Sales Simplified in 8 Steps

This is an email course for all wedding entrepreneurs including wedding planners, wedding florists and wedding photographers.

By honing in on who your ideal client is, you only market to that specific client that wants to work with you (and not everyone with a credit card and a pulse like I was doing)

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If the word sales makes you cringe and your stomach do flip flops, this course is for you.

Let's be honest, none of us started a wedding business because we love doing sales. We started wedding businesses because we love weddings, we love making couples happy, and we love being creative.

Making money doing what you love sounds pretty awesome, right? Of course, it does!

Wedding sales don't have to be painful! They don't have to be pushy, sales-y or annoying.

Once you understand who your ideal client is and the basic pieces of your sales, you will feel comfortable talking about your services and couples will book. Guess what, that's sales!

Once you have your sales building blocks in place you:

  • attract clients that want to work with you

  • book clients that don't haggle you on price

  • work with clients that you love and love you back

I used to hustle hard for every single sale, spend an hour on each inquiry call, then another hour crafting a detailed proposal with too many options with a contract and then the client wouldn't even book. It was exhausting, frustrating and time-consuming.

But once I stopped trying to book every client with a credit card and a pulse, things changed. I started to focus on the type of client that wanted my style of wedding planning services and, everything changed. The key was that I simplified and specified my marketing.

wedding sales simplified


Lisa Chamberlain
For a while we have known we needed to change the way we do things and the way our social media and website work but we couldn’t quite figure out what we needed to fix and change but after taking your email course it is so clear! The information you gave us was not only extremely important but it was also put together in a clear and concise way. I literally looked forward to reading the next email each morning and am a little sad it is over!
— Lisa Chamberlain, Bustle and Twine Photography

here's what happens when you focus your sales

  • By honing in on who your ideal client is, you only market to that specific client that wants to work with you (and not everyone with a credit card and a pulse, like I was doing)

  • Feel accomplished after a call with a potential client, rather than feeling like it was a waste of time and you didn't connect

  • Clients don't push back on your prices because they understand your value, your style and want to work with you

  • Book awesome clients that you love to work with

  • Your awesome clients leave amazing testimonials, to help you book even more awesome clients

  • You can spend less time on sales and more time creating a beautiful wedding (because none of us starting a wedding business to spend all day being a salesperson)

wedding sales simplified

are you ready to get started?

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here is what's in the course

  • Eight emails to walk you through your sales building blocks

  • Identifying your ideal client and why that is important

  • Polishing your social media accounts so its clear they all belong to your wedding business

  • A DIY website audit so you look like a professional

  • Tools and skills to network like a champion, without attending networking mixers

  • Learn about the importance of testimonials and how to get glowing testimonials so you can attract awesome clients

  • How to handle inquiries, so clients book faster

  • How to connect and pitch your services during the sales call

  • What to do after the introduction call and how to handle pricing questions

Who is this course for?

NEWBIES that are uncertain how to start booking, are struggling to focus their marketing efforts, and/or need help selling themselves.

WEDDING PROS that want to freshen up their marketing, polish their sales style, and get fresh ideas to stay competitive.

No matter where you are in your wedding career, this course is designed to sharpen and focus your marketing building blocks so that you can book awesome clients.

Amy Niver, Amy Niver Photography
The course was filled with a lot of helpful and useful information. My favorite part of the whole course are the checklists for the networking, website audit and social media audit. A lot of the information in those checklists were things that I never thought about including. I am excited to see the changes in my business using the advice that I received in this course.
— Amy Niver, Amy Niver Photography

Frequently Asked questions

How is the course delivered?

This is an email course. After signing up you still start to receive emails.

how long do I have access to the course?

Once the course is in your inbox and you have access to that email account (and you don't delete the emails)

do you offer refunds or guarantees?

You have 14 days from the date of purchase to request a refund. In order to receive a refund you must show us that you put in effort and implemented everything in the course and gave it your best.

can't i just get the info for free somewhere else?

Honestly, probably! But that would be super time consuming (and you’re super busy), may or may not be from someone who is in the wedding business, and won't be conveniently saved in your email inbox to refer back to.

do i need special software for the course?

No! You just need your email inbox. It does help if you have a website up already, Facebook Fan page up already and Instagram up already, but it is not crucial. Since you will have the emails in your own inbox, you can refer back to them at any time.

Lindsey’s class is absolutely wonderful! I loved her strategies for identifying your ideal client. I thought I had an idea who my this client was in the past but I was so wrong, even after doing workbooks from free classes. Her worksheet to help identify the ideal client is so much more thorough and I know who this client is without a doubt now. I know my marketing efforts will be so much more efficient now! There’s so many other valuable strategies throughout this course I think it’s a must do for anyone starting out and those wishing to evaluate their current strategies.
— Melissa Meyer, Melly Meyer Designs

Lindsey Nickel

Lindsey Nickel


Hi! I’m Lindsey. I’m a wedding planner and business coach for wedding entrepreneurs. I’m here to help you book awesome clients by guiding you on the business piece of running your wedding company. If you want to have more fun in your business and focus on being creative, I’m your gal. If you are a dog person, even better.