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Are you doing these four steps with your inquiries? If not, you are missing out on sales.

Lindsey Nickel

wedding planner inquiry steps

Let’s talk about wedding planner inquiries.

Where are you at this point with your wedding planning business?

  1. You want your first few inquiries

  2. You want more inquiries

  3. You want less inquiries that are only high quality

regardless of where you are in your wedding planner career, There are four steps you must do to turn inquiries into sales calls and sales calls into booked clients.

1. Contact form

Your website must have a contact form. The contact form is also a quick way to collect the essential details like wedding date, venue and guest count. Keep the contact form super short and easy so that people fill it out. You are not finding out how they met and the exact flowers they want in the centerpieces, save that for the sales call.  If the form is too long or too detailed the couple will lose interest and stop filling out the form (which means a lost client for you). Keep it simple, keep it short. Be sure that the contact form is mobile friendly!

2. Quick response

You are not the only wedding planner the couple is contacting. Auto responses are a great way to ensure that couples get a response immediately from you. You can set up auto responses using HoneyBook (which is what I do and it’s been a huge game changer for how I handle inquiries). You can be asleep or on trekking in the Alps and the couple still gets an immediate response.

3. Personal response

You still need to do a personal follow up. Follow up the next business day with a personal email. In the personal reply, be sure to answer any initial questions from the inquiry. Start to nurture the relationship by sharing photos of a published wedding at their venue or copy/ paste a review that they can relate to or attach a few photos that fit their style. Continue with one call of action, the more specific the better such as “Wednesday I’m wide open, is there a time that would work for you to hop on the phone?”

4. Follow up

If you don’t hear back from the inquiry in a few days then follow up. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone. You never know when your emails go to spam. This is also a good time to add urgency, letting the inquiry know that their date is very popular for weddings or if you already have another person asking about their date. Couples are very busy with their lives and usually need a little nudge to remember to reply to vendors.