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Done for you answers to tough price questions

Lindsey Nickel

wedding planner answers to price questions

Your marketing is attracting leads. You are receiving inquiries. You are hitting home runs in your sales calls and following up two days later. You get a response from the couple and they have questions about your prices. This still happens to me after all these years.

Couples ask about price because it is a familiar measuring stick.

Remember, this couple has never planned a wedding before. We all consider and ask about price when we purchase something.

Think about it, would you buy a car, plane ticket or cocktail without looking at the price?

The couple needs to understand what you do (tangible) and how it benefits them (intangible). Those two things together create your value.

Tangible benefits + intangible benefits = value of a wedding planner

You need to continue to educate the couple on your value, when answering questions about prices

Here are common price questions and done for you responses:

Q: Can you match the price of another wedding planner?

A: Our prices are based on the X years of experience as a wedding planner that we bring to help you plan, our relationships with local vendors and taking on a limited number of wedding clients each year so that you can have our full attention. I’d really like to work with you, so if budget is a concern, let’s look at some services we could remove.

Q: Can you go lower in the price?

A: Use the response above.

A: If you are already at your lowest price: This is the minimum price I can offer and still provide the quality of work we are known for and dedicate the time that your wedding deserves.

Reinforce you value by including reviews, photos from a wedding you did at their venue or a recently published wedding in the email. Be sure to ask for the sale, reminding them that their contract is ready if they would like to book.


The moment you discount you are saying, I’m not worth it. Don’t simply give them a discount because they asked for one.

Ultimately, you are not going to book every couple, and that’s totally okay. You only want to work with your ideal client that pays your full price. Be prepared to say no and realize when it just isn’t going to work out to be their wedding planner.