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To book the wedding client, don’t skip this step after a sales call

Lindsey Nickel

wedding planner sales call

You had a great call with a prospective client, they were laughing, you were having a great time and two you really hit it off. You can already see them walking down the aisle. You immediately sent them a proposal and contract.

The next day you don’t hear from them.

Two days later you still haven’t heard from them and start to get worried that it was not the slam dunk it seemed like when you hung up the phone two days ago. Now what are you supposed to do?

There could be one hundred reasons why they didn’t get back to you right away, they work long hours, they have a hangover from their friend’s bachelorette party, they are sick, they went camping, the list is endless.

The truth is people have very busy lives and you will need to reach out, if you want to hear back.

Don’t skip the step of following up after your meeting.

Follow up two days later. Two days later is a comfortable period of time. The next day is too soon, you don’t want to come off as pushy, salesy or desperate to book clients. They may not have had time to even read the email one day later. Following up the second day says “I’m interested in working with you and I’m prompt with communication.”

You can follow up with a friendly email or phone call. An email is nice because the couple can read it on the go. An email is bad because it can get lost in the flood of emails and social media. A call is good because it is more personal and feels like you are taking an extra step. A call is bad because it might not be their preferred method of communication.

The bottom line is, that you don’t want to skip following up with couples after you meet with them.

engaged couples have busy lives, they are talking to many vendors and you need to stand out.