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Is your website causing you to lose inquiries? Find out now.

Lindsey Nickel

wedding planner website tips

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being it’s not helpful at all, 10 being my website is an inquiry magnet), how well do you think your website is helping you to generate inquiries?

You might be surprised about what’s going on with your website, if you don’t review it regularly.

Case study: A wedding planner friend of mine told me that her bookings were way down and she couldn’t figure out why. This woman has been a wedding planner for more than 15 years. She has a very specific style, is very passionate about weddings and has a personality that can talk to anyone. It really didn’t make sense that she had so few bookings. A few months later she told me that she figured out that the reason she didn’t have many bookings was because the contact form on her website was not mobile friendly.

That’s a huge loss of income, simply because one page of her website was not mobile friendly.

>>> Don’t be like my friend. >>>

Don’t miss out on leads because your website isn’t performing as well as it could be.

Don’t assume your contact form is mobile friendly just because the rest of your website is mobile friendly.

There is a ton to know about SEO and building websites. Today I want to share with you the non-negotiables when it comes to your website. These can have a huge impact on your inquiries and wedding planning business if they are not working.

Wedding Planner Website Non-Negotiables

Mobile Friendly

Is your website mobile friendly? Test your website on your mobile phone and tablet. Does it look polished and is easy to read? Do the order and layout make sense on a phone? Are there giant chunks of text that cause the viewer to scroll a lot? Or does it look like a shrunk down version of your website?

Domain Redirect

This means that your website will load with and without the www. In front of it. Type in www.nameofyourbiz.com and nameofyourbiz.com Do they both go to the same page or does one go to an error page?

Social Media Icons

Couples spend a lot of time on social media for fun and looking for wedding inspiration, especially Instagram and Pinterest. Be sure that you include social media icons for your active accounts on each page (such as your footer). Double check that the links work.

All the Links Work

Do all the links on your website work? Go to every single page of your website and click on all the links. It’s very helpful to have fresh eyes to do this. So after you check, ask a friend or spouse click each link as well. Never assume that all your links work, just because they did at one point.

Contact Form

Do you have a contact form for couples to reach you? Be sure to double check that this form is mobile friendly. Keep the form short and sweet, if the form becomes to tedious, couples will fail to fill it out and submit it.


Each month review your website analytics. If your website is on Squarespace they make it super easy to read and review your analytics on their website or app. Google Analytics is also excellent and very detailed. Pick a date each month (like the 1st) and set a recurring event to remind yourself. It only takes a few minutes each month but you can learn a lot.

Now, print this blog post and get to work! Start by finding out if your website is mobile friendly. Be sure that you are always talking to your ideal client, when making updates to your website.