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Five daily must dos on social media for wedding planners

Lindsey Nickel

social media must dos for wedding planners

Let’s talk about social media. Social media is fantastic for interacting with vendors, connecting with potential wedding clients and staying in touch with past clients once they are married. It is also a fantastic time suck.

Which social media platforms are you using?

If you had to pick just one social media platform that your ideal client hangs out on the most, which would it be? That’s the platform where you need to be focusing your social media efforts.

I am going to share with you my five daily must dos on social media. These five tasks, will take you less than 15 minutes each day. Be sure to do them each day to help build your presence, authority and attract clients.

5 Daily Must Dos on Social Media

Update your status
If you need to, update your status. Ideally though, you’ve pre-written and scheduled your status updates in an app such as Later or Buffer so that you don’t have to spend time agonizing each morning about what to post.

Reply to direct messages (DMs)
Reply to your DMs. This is very important because it is highly personal and can really help to warm up a lead or build a vendor relationship.

Comments and tags
Go through and check for comments to your posts and tags. Engage with all of these, write back and “like.” This is an important step because it shows that you are engaged and paying attention on social media.

Leave comments
Spend five minutes browsing other people’s posts and commenting. Don’t be bland and leave three hearts or write “Love it!” In order to stand out and show that you care about the post, make a genuine comment about that post. Of course, keep it positive!

Group mingle - No matter which social media platform you pick to focus on, your wedding planner and vendor buddies are all in Facebook groups asking questions and learning. Spend five minutes mingling in different Facebook groups. Group mingling is excellent for building relationships with other vendors, finding and giving referrals and building your reputation in the wedding industry.

PRO TIP: Use the same profile photo for every social media account, so people can easily identify the profile as belonging to your wedding planning company.

Now, schedule 15 minutes each day to work on your social media. Be sure to print this blog post so you can remember refer back to it. To get started you can follow me on Instagram at @lovelydayeventsxo and tell me your favorite tip from this post.