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5 Steps to Create a Cohesive Wedding Planner Brand

Lindsey Nickel

We all use the term brand and have an association with brands. For example “that’s a good brand of cars, they last a long time” when purchasing a car. Or “I’ve never heard of that brand of shoes before, so I’m not sure if I’ll like them” when browsing the rack at the department store for a new pair of summer sandals.

A brand is more than just the name of a product or company. Your wedding planning business brand is what people think of and feel when they hear your company’s name. A brand is like a reputation. As wedding planners, a significant part of getting and maintaining clients is reputation.



The first step is to discover who your ideal wedding client is (and is not). Once you discover who that client is, talk to that client in every social media post and appeal to them in each part of your marketing. This is the client that will stop what they are doing to watch your Instagram story. When it’s time to hire a wedding planner they know they must work with you specifically because they feel like they already know you and feel connected to you.


The second step is to review and audit your existing branding. Pull out everything you have that is related to your wedding planning business; such as business cards, postcards, welcome gifts, social media profile photos, on-boarding packets, your wedding planner portfolio and more. Grab everything printed and digital and look at it together. Ask yourself “does this all look like it came from the same wedding planner? Does it all make sense all together?” If each piece was an article of clothing in a closet, would it look like it all came from the same closet?

3). Select Visual Pieces

Pay close attention to the visual components of your brand and select specific visual pieces, so that you are consistent in all your marketing. For example, you should select a font, specific colors and a logo to create a cohesive brand that represents your wedding business and appeals to your ideal wedding client. Always be consistent using these colors, logos and fonts, to make your wedding planning business easy to identify. During this step, you may decide that you need to create a new logo, update your font choice, take a new headshot or find something else that doesn’t quite fit and update it.

PRO TIP: To make your social media accounts quick and easy to identify as your wedding planning business, use the same photo for each profile image.

4) Write it Down.

Now that you have your colors picked (be sure to include a color swatch and design codes), font selected (or maybe a few fonts for different uses), the logo created (using your brand colors of course) and more, write it all down in a document. Then put this document where your team members can find it such as Google Drive or Dropbox. This brand guide that you create will help to make sure that the visual pieces of your brand are cohesive and consistent so you look like a pro.

5) Be Consistent.

Once you have done all this hard work, be sure to put it to use and be consistent in your wedding planning business. Use your logo and brand colors to update templates for letterhead, business cards, client documents, postcards, your website, on-boarding packets, etc. Share all your branding with your team, such as graphic designer, staff and virtual assistant so that they are all working to be cohesive with your brand. Being consistent is key to showing that you are a pro and pay attention to details.