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Featured Post on Wedding Industry Education: Getting Better Clients With Reviews

Lindsey Nickel

Thank you to Wedding Industry Education for sharing my guest post called Getting Better Clients With Reviews. In case you missed it the post is below and you can check it out here on their blog.

I have a question for you?

Are you using reviews in your marketing? If the answer is no, then you are missing out on a whole lot of free influential marketing that can help to book your ideal client.

Reviews are so super important because they are a third person account of what it is like to work with you. A review is someone else telling other people how amazing of a job you did on their wedding.

Think about it, if you are shopping for a car are you paying more attention to the commercial or to your friend that just bought a car three months ago? The same is true for people shopping for wedding services and products. Engaged couples want to hear from people that have already been there, had a dream wedding and know what they’re going through trying to research and book vendors. Your ideal client wants to know what it’s like to work with you, from your past couples.

Reviews and your Website Everyone has a page on their website called Reviews, Testimonials or Love Notes. Check your analytics and I’m quite certain that this page gets very little traffic, maybe even the least of all your website pages. No one takes the time to go to those pages, yet they hold so much valuable information. The solution is to sprinkle reviews throughout your website, one review on every page. Of course, still keep the Reviews page up, for the few people that will go to it.

In order to get rave reviews, you need to be strategic.

Here is the exact process that I use to collect reviews and it works! 

I have 100% five-star reviews on The Knot and am part of The Knot Hall of Fame.

First, after the wedding, send out a survey to the couple. This can be automated (which I highly suggest) if you use Honeybook. This survey helps you to get inside the client’s mind and learn about how much they loved or didn’t love working with you. The survey also provides really valuable feedback for developing new programs and fine-tuning your marketing. The key to people using the survey is to keep it short and sweet so that people actually complete it.

Next, read through the survey and reach out to the clients that clearly loved working with you. Send them a short email with a link to where they should leave the review (such as The Knot, Wedding Wire or Facebook).

Follow up if they don’t post a review. Send a personal follow up email asking them to leave you a five-star review. Reference a highlight of their wedding so they know you remember them and they don’t feel spammed. For example, if you are a DJ you could say “I’ll never forget when Grandma was doing the electric slide, that was such a fun moment! 

Once you have a collection of amazing five-star reviews, go through them. Find the ones that really address the concerns and ideas of your ideal client. For example, if you are at the top end of pricing for your service, include a testimonial about how you are worth every penny. If your ideal client’s wedding is in a vineyard, include a review about how you transformed their parent’s vineyard into a dream wedding. Don’t forget, you are putting a review on every single page, not just the Reviews page. 

Now that you are showcasing reviews that your ideal client can relate too, they can’t help but contact you to learn more. The more you can paint a picture of your wedding services through specific, honest and heartfelt testimonials the more you will attract your ideal client.