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No More Confusing and Hand Drawn Layouts, Thanks to AllSeated

Lindsey Nickel

AllSeated wedding planners.jpg

When I first started planning events more than ten years ago, Facebook was barely known, Instagram didn’t exist and Yahoo mail was still popular. There certainly wasn’t an online platform to quickly and smoothly design wedding diagrams to-scale. Fast forward to today and  all three of these things exist and are ESSENTIAL to any wedding planning business.

Before finding AllSeated, I used a hodgepodge of different techniques for my diagrams. Back in the “old days” diagrams were drawn by hand (by me or the client and they were certainly not to scale). A few venues used PowerPoint to create rough diagrams showing the location of tables and design items. It was a creative and inexpensive workaround and it was useful that these could be easily updated by anyone. Rental companies with CAD technology would make diagrams for large rental orders, but for something more simple and small, that wasn’t an option.

Sometimes we had nothing except a rough hand drawn sketch and meeting notes about how to do the set up for a wedding or event. Some venues had their standard way of setting up and always did that, so no diagram was needed. This made every event feel cookie cutter though. None of these techniques were perfect, but they got the job done and were probably more time-consuming than they needed to be. It was always stressful to not know if everything was going to fit or if there would be large awkward spaces since the diagrams were rarely to scale. The margin for error was way too big for comfort.

Sample of what my floor plans looked like before AllSeated:

All seated floorplans lovely day strategy

My wedding business changed when I started using AllSeated.

I can’t remember exactly when I first learned about AllSeated, but I recall a presentation at a local ILEA event. I remember thinking after the presentation that this layout program was just what my wedding planning business needed!

I tried it out and still use it to this day because it is quick, easy and makes layouts low stress.

All Seated Lovely Day Strategy


AllSeated is time efficient! The Favorites and Used Objects categories make it quick to find my favorite items (like my favorite bar from Bright Event Rentals) and my most used items in the particular wedding (like an 8’ table). When I want to send a layout to a client or vendor, it’s super fast to download the layout as a PDF and send it off. The other person doesn’t have to have AllSeated to view the diagrams.


Thankfully, AllSeated is easy to use! One of my favorite features is the text box which I use to add specific notes. The drag and drop feature makes it super simple to start and update the layout and there are tons of existing venues in the database from across the country, so usually, I can just get started. The integration with Bright Event Rentals means that I know their custom furniture will fit in the layout.


One benefit that I didn’t think of right away, but love now, is that AllSeated makes the wedding day and planning low stress.  The customer service is super fast, so when I have a question while working on a layout, I rarely need to wait for an answer and then come back later to the layout. Having a wedding that is laid out to scale is essential to a low stress wedding day. Few things are more stressful than setting up dinner tables with chairs only to find out that they don’t all fit in the room. The price is right on AllSeated too, so I don’t have to worry about spending money on yet another subscription every month. On the event day, it is so wonderful to have the layouts printed out, easy to read and know that all the vendors are looking at the same thing.

AllSeated makes planning and designing weddings quick, easy and stress free. I honestly have no idea how we used to do it with those hand drawn and Power PowerPoint layouts. Having a cloud-based program that is to-scale changed my wedding planning business by helping me be more creative with designs, not get stressed out about a layout not being to proportion and providing easy to read layouts for all the vendors.