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Wedding Business Blog

We are excited to share wedding business insight, ideas and tips with you right here in our blog! Lovely Day Strategy provides professional, approachable and friendly coaching and consulting for wedding pros so that they can be successful, balanced and have fun in their businesses.  Wedding planners, wedding photographers, wedding florists, wedding DJs and more can all benefit from business coaching and consulting. Wedding business blog, wedding business coach


Popular Questions about Lovely Day Strategy

Lindsey Nickel

wedding business coach

I am super excited, because the launch of Lovely Day Strategy is in full swing! After seven years as a wedding planner (and even more than that planning other events and doing nonprofit consulting), I'm expanding and launching Lovely Day Strategy to help wedding pros be successful, balanced and have fun in their businesses. There have been some popular questions so far, so I'm here with answers.
    Q: Are you still doing wedding planning? YESSSSS!!!!! And I am super thrilled for the amazing clients already booked for 2018.
    Q: What do you do at Lovely Day Strategy? I teach wedding pros (and aspiring pros) the business piece of running their wedding businesses through one to one coaching, speaking engagements, blog posts, online teaching, online courses and more.
    Q: Why are you doing this (okay, only a few brave people actually asked this, but I can see everyone thinking this)? The short answer is I love weddings, and I miss working with people in a coaching/consulting capacity. The second part is that I see so much creative talent every day in the wedding industry. Yet, I constantly hear people say they have trouble booking, no business plan, don't know where to start with social media, they are losing money on weddings and more. I'm here to say it is possible to run a successful wedding business and let me help you.